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Extract from the blog  ” … there’s no point in putting ‘info for beginners’ or any of that stuff here, because there’s already loads of it on the internet. ”

“… as to what I actually post here, I guess I want it to be more of a collection of observations.”


He also writes some reviews on the cycling products he has used, i say it has potential! Check him out!

Check out the strobe pattern!

Looks like Prague is very much encouraging it citizens to cycle, either that or its citizens love to cycle. I can’t think of a more apt place to encourage cycling! A petrol station!

Imagine that you always drive maybe 2 km to the supermarket or coffee shop just to grab something small necessity or a cup of coffee, than you pull into the petrol station and get a rude shock at how much the price of fuel has gone up. As you pay for the gas, the counter staff notifies you that you have enough points to redeem a bicycle! How cool is that. Than you go on the redeem it and try it out! Bingo! You are addicted to cycling, it cuts cost, makes  you fitter, etc!

And everything you need to start out is at easily redeemable, no need to spend! Woo hoo!


Whether or not its a bike hack or a well done product, its definitely a good looker. Got to love it when cyclist are everywhere overseas!

A flat is every cyclist’s worst nightmare

When I took out the tube i was shocked to see this, the tube appears to have ripped apart!

Dead tired from the ride, finally a post! If you are interested in the trail that we went… A word of warning though, we couldn’t really follow the marked out trail via GPS… So we just locked onto a direction and rode in plantations! Fun!

There were some really nice views, a nice break away from urban Singapore.

Not long before entering the trails, we started to smell something unpleasant… And eventually came across the source…

And the guy herding the cows was riding a motorbike! He helped as clear the way 🙂 Although there were many freshly deployed land mines ahead!

Heading in a direction with no visible trail ahead meant overcoming certain obstacles along the way! Teamwork! Barbed wire fences, steep loose rocky slopes, beautiful moss covered palm plantations, mad dogs that chase you, scorching open lands, etc!

Notice the rubber tube tied around the tree trunk? I used it to help me climb the many slopes we encountered! But little did I know…

I was pricked by this little caterpillar! Many thorns were in my skin and I was screaming like a girl when I pulled them out… One. By. One. Ouch!

The ride was great with good food too! Macdonalds breakfast, KFC lunch, Cendol break, Prata dinner, Nasi Goreng Supper. Covered about 130km according to my friend’s speedo! Legs are still tired!

These are the professional people.


All part of the girls on a bike series

As I was away for something like 7 months, when I came back to my market bike parked at the void deck it was still there! Awesome, it seems my lock strategy is working fine…

But when I wanted to use it, i noticed the front tire was punctured… So Yesterday I went to fix the puncture, only to see that the chain was heavily rusted and that it has seized! Some parts of the chain wouldn’t move anymore, I tried just putting some lubricant and using my hands to try to force the chain to move… Much like how I have seen others do when they break a chain and put it back together…

It didn’t work. I went back home to get WD40 and two pliers. First attempt it didn’t work still. Well the thing about WD40 is that it takes some time to do its magic, its been many time proven! Just spray WD40 and wait, and get back to what you were doing! Problem solved!

After watching the above video, its true! I bump into people along the way and we chat! haha, people I haven’t seen in years! More often I bump into my neighbours though. Sometimes I go downstairs at the void deck to fiddle with my bike, tweaking the brakes or shifters, or just giving it an oil. Cycling really makes people come closer together! Eventually and hopefully leading to closer and friendly communities!

A typical bike rack in Salzburg, mainly cheap full-suspension mountain bikes… About the same in Singapore! Just that the bikes there are a lot newer! Bike theft there also seems to be less of a problem since most are locked poorly with cheap cable locks.

And of course, cycling is largely encourage over there and at most other European countries. Many Ministers set examples and bike to work, which has probably something to do with improved infrastructure of the cycle paths there.

A nice vintage looks bike with a brand badge of “Amsterdam” , the country where I referred to many times on how their citizens lock up bicycles. Long story short they lock their cheap badly trashed bikes with the most expensive of locks!


I’m back in Singapore, but jet lagged. Stay tuned 🙂

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