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It has been some 5 1/2 months without offroad, and yesterday (after 12mn mah) was my first time at TBP after so long… The course is rougher at some points, due to soil erosion and wear and tear (Esp from the recent 12 hour MTB race.)… While other points are had more grass growing and seemed smoother… En route to the jungle trail, my friend and I had a little fun trying to get air… Such a feeling! The jungle trail is pretty swampy, but still ridable… Except for some fallen trees and mud pools.

Life’s good when school’s out! Cheers!

There isn’t much motivation to blog right now, thanks to me doing packing getting ready to head back to Singapore and partly because my friends in Sg are done with exams and we a immersing ourselves in computer games.


Well expect more Singapore posts soon!

Just look at it, even cooler and more hip than the cruiser.

Simple, modern, low maintenance, fast.


A medium lock for a city that hardly has thefts… I grade this lockup B+, if it were in Singapore the wheels would probably be gone the next day. a C- grade in Sg. Dun lock just the frame, lock the rear wheel as well 🙂

I saw this picture that the strait times display on their article on the results of their poll. And I really hope that, that is our future.

Read more here:

And for the first time… OCBC Critirium is going to be broadcast on TV in Singapore… Along with 10 other countries…

Thank you OCBC for promoting cycling, I’m in tears…

Read more about the TV coverage here:

Called singaporedream the couple used to blog about the journey around the world on the two wheel motorbike. The blog is actually still being updated and has some interesting reads.

Especially since bicycles are similar to motorbikes with two wheels, aka dual circles.

This post marks the end of a long string of posts where I had constantly posted pictures each time I blogged. To all those who are going to enjoy NTU Bike rally tomorrow. All the best! And have fun!


On the way to Asa Zoo I wanted to make a stop for a quick banana energy boost and to go to the toilet. Where else would there be a toilet but the MRT station? And when I looked for the area to park my park I saw this.

A cyclist’s dream come true, it is like a basement carpark! A small decline down and there you have it! Simple, no racks, just some shelter and painted white lines. Damn, will I ever get to see such a sight in Singapore?

Ps, trying out this photo layout.

Bridges here in Hiroshima often means going uphill, few pedestrians (who wants to walk uphill right?), wider than normal side walks, dedicated bicycle lanes and sometimes bridges just made for cyclist and pedestrians.

Thats saying a lot about how much Japan cares about their cyclists and pedestrians, having rode across a few of these dedicated bridges you feel like king! No traffic to worry about and only other cyclists around you pushing harder to get across the slight incline. Some fellow cyclist taking it easy and literally pushing their bikes up, this is where everything slows down and speeds up. I can imagine a cafe at the peak of the bridge, a nice book and a hot beverage of your choice, nothing like watching the world go past. And once your done, take a leisurely coast down the bridge with gravity smiling at you and you heart relaxing after an increased effort.

I wish I could say the same about Singapore, some of our flyovers are notoriously dangerous for cyclists(Lornie road comes to mind), no pavement, no shoulder, lots of traffic and barely any alternative routes. I’m already feeling stressed imagining crossing the flyover.

Japan 1 Singapore 0

Well, I must say I was really looking forward to joining this year’s bike rally. In fact, I started looking forward to it right after the event ended. And if I really wanted to exaggerate, during the recce ride before the actual event last year. It was that positive of a experience.

No pressure, go at your own pace! Don’t tire yourself out! If you have never done this ride, I strongly urge you to go register. When else can you get a whole army of marshals at every point you need to make a turn, motivational notes along the route to keep you going, refreshments and snacks at every checkpoint, ambulance and medical assistance at the ready, security forces on motorbike, tons and tons of people joining in the fun, the potential to meet new friends, getting a good tan, the crazy goodies in the goodie bag, the INSANE lucky draw prizes this year, just to name a few…

Oops, that was not “a few” was it?

Well, for those of you who are like me. In some foreign land or some other reason that you can’t join in the ride for this year. There’s always the next year. Cheers!

Not wanting to steal the title “An Impetus to ride”, yet still wanting to keep a relation with “sister site” commutinginsg. I looked up the Thesarus and found “Radical Stimulus”, sounds pretty damn good to me!

One of the keys things of why I enjoy commuting so much is because I can park really close to where I want to go, often within arm’s length (Say if I stop by a coffee shop for lunch). And when you can park so close to both the beginning of your journey and the end of it, you save precious time and maybe a bit of energy(compared to walking, the advantages just keep coming).

And yes, even in Japan they totally get it. The picture above is a typical parking area under apartments, almost full and if vacant could have probably parked 2 or more cars. Not really a big deal, but from what I have heard, parking here each day can cost an average of 500 Yen or SGD$7.50 at your apartment’s carpark. Park in the city for work, and it could easily double, add the doubled cost with your apartment’s cost and its technically triple. So what many people here do is find the cheapest lot parking their cars there, leave if for the weekdays and cycle instead. Cycle to the parking lot to get your car, sounds like a multi-mode commute to me!

So its free and you can always find a parking lot. No doubt in my mind is this a Radical Stimulus to ride!

Ladies and Gentlemen, pop the Champagne, light the fireworks. I have my very first subscriber! And yes he is not from Singapore! Malaysia right?

Check out his blog!

In other news, I visited a bicycle shop at the end of my first week here named Nekomoto (thus the namecard) in search of a bicycle shop that maybe sold a street/trials bike since I’m rather interested in those right now. Or maybe a XC bike, or road bike, or fixed gear, of foldie…. Damn… Bikes sure come in a lot of varieties don’t they?

Back to the point, the owner knew a little bit of English and so I asked him if he knew any mountain bike trails around the area. He gave me his name card and the recommendation of a website where his friend teaches clinics on mountain biking. Sweet! After making a few rounds in his shop, he handed me a Year 2011 Trek Catalog, the brand his shop is filled the the brim with and said, “For you”. I walked another round in disbelief and handed him the Catalog and said thank you. Again he said, “For you, please keep.”

You know a good bike shop, when they have as friendly of staff as him. Prices of the bikes/other products were almost exactly the same as in Singapore, sad to say.

Thrilled, I went home thinking I would buy a bike from his shop. Now… The thought of packing the bike and sending it back home isn’t really my cup of tea at the moment. Besides, the weather is way to cold to enjoy one’s ride.

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