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After watching the above video, its true! I bump into people along the way and we chat! haha, people I haven’t seen in years! More often I bump into my neighbours though. Sometimes I go downstairs at the void deck to fiddle with my bike, tweaking the brakes or shifters, or just giving it an oil. Cycling really makes people come closer together! Eventually and hopefully leading to closer and friendly communities!

(Picture, taken at Tokyo, Ginza edited with focal B&w, almost definitely ridden by a couple in love <3)

It often spurs me on to do my commutes when I hear how others have it much harder, how they cope, their tips and tricks, and basically everything they say since most of it can be related to my own experiences. One of the best places to hear from others are forums, such as SMBF!

But I’m going to post a link from today since I seldom go there. Reading the thread was refreshing! Here

This was what really got me thinking that a long distance bike trip is possible and was an interesting watch. I took some time to watch it, since it’s a couple of episodes long! Fun. I wanted to do what he did after watching it! Get your motivation up!

I have not watched this movie yet though… Anyone wanna give me reviews?

Another mad mad video on a crazy crazy distance mountain bike race. It’s so long… that the gap between each rider can be a couple of days apart. Truly epic.

Most recently I caught this movie, beware though it has a sad ending. But it kinda gave me a strong message about materialism and doing things in life.

God I miss my bike.

If you know about Youtube, you probably know about Vimeo, and so should know about Streetfilms! Sometimes they really upload some really nice videos on commuting. And it motivates me to commute by bike. Cheers!

Riding a bike can bring you so much closer to nature, a few days I rode pass a quiet stretch of road and saw some small cheery blossoms (Sakuras) flowering… Such a beautiful sight!

Many times, I have simply just stopped to enjoy scenery, come to think of it… I should stop and admire the Sakuras that I see on my commute to work. Just absorb it all in! After all these beautiful sights only last all but 2 weeks.

Just riding your bicycle and enjoying nature is really relaxing, the sights of green (Pink for Sakuras!), smells, rivers, and even people watching… Enjoy your commute guys!

Taken in the evening, just before it got dark… A Sunset without the Sun, at dusk. No filters, just iPhone 4 Magic. I like how calm the picture feels. Like I’m sitting right there staring out into the sea, love the background of mountains 🙂

Along the bike path was this wet patch, just as I moved off after taking this picture, a small splash and turned around to see the sea crashing against the wall of the beach and up onto the path. People at the north east of Japan, we hope you are ok. Be strong.

Love the sides that looks like mini cliffs.

A small beach in the middle of the path… Take care all, I’m fine here in Japan if you guys are concerned.

If you wanna check out the route.

“B” stop, the first of my original destinations, Hiroshima Transportation Museum.

There was a interesting setup of cycling machines found in gyms connected to a TV screen, where you get a virtual cycling route of 7 possible destinations! Pretty cool, but it was too realistic! Uphills meant more resistance while pedaling… One of the destinations was Mt. Fuji. The moment I saw the start point, an insane incline I left the machine!

But it was rather interesting to see so many people at the machine eager to have a go at it. 🙂

“C & D” stops were impromtu stops, of a comic cafe, karaoke, clothes and bicycle store…

“E” stop was the second planned stopped and I rode up a long incline to a nice view…

The Peace Pagoda at the top…

Great view, no? I had more impromptu stops along the way but lets get down to the point.

Riding my bike has really made me think about how I can the most from my trip, linking up destinations with the route to where I’m going. It saves me both time and money, gives me a good work out and totally makes my weekends worth while.

Somehow, when you are taking a train saw, from point A to point B. and there are 5 stops along the way…. If all 5 stops had something interesting like a shopping mall/ temple/ good food. Will you stop at every stop? I know I will on my bike!

I was riding Home from Hiroshima Port and saw this tall lighted structure that resembled a Christmas tree from afar, I didn’t know where it was or what it was. I just decided then and there that I wanted to check it out. I rode around looking, and eventually found it.

The silence at the spot was deafening, almost surreal. After surveying the place further, it appears that in the day, it is a popular place judging from the four vending machines nearby and what seems like a bustling office during the working hours.

At night there was a lone restaurant, and yes i did say Hiroshima Port, so as you can imagine being by the beach with a nice lighted structure at night, it sure felt rather romantic.

You never know what an impromptu encounter might bring you, just have a sense of adventure!

Not wanting to steal the title “An Impetus to ride”, yet still wanting to keep a relation with “sister site” commutinginsg. I looked up the Thesarus and found “Radical Stimulus”, sounds pretty damn good to me!

One of the keys things of why I enjoy commuting so much is because I can park really close to where I want to go, often within arm’s length (Say if I stop by a coffee shop for lunch). And when you can park so close to both the beginning of your journey and the end of it, you save precious time and maybe a bit of energy(compared to walking, the advantages just keep coming).

And yes, even in Japan they totally get it. The picture above is a typical parking area under apartments, almost full and if vacant could have probably parked 2 or more cars. Not really a big deal, but from what I have heard, parking here each day can cost an average of 500 Yen or SGD$7.50 at your apartment’s carpark. Park in the city for work, and it could easily double, add the doubled cost with your apartment’s cost and its technically triple. So what many people here do is find the cheapest lot parking their cars there, leave if for the weekdays and cycle instead. Cycle to the parking lot to get your car, sounds like a multi-mode commute to me!

So its free and you can always find a parking lot. No doubt in my mind is this a Radical Stimulus to ride!

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