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Cycling destination? Everywhere!


Extract from the blog  ” … there’s no point in putting ‘info for beginners’ or any of that stuff here, because there’s already loads of it on the internet. ”

“… as to what I actually post here, I guess I want it to be more of a collection of observations.”


He also writes some reviews on the cycling products he has used, i say it has potential! Check him out!

Touted as Singapore’s #1 Cycling website, it features the most famous Marketplace, forums, cycling news, articles on bike shops, bikes, accessories, everything! Pop them a visit if you haven’t already.

One of the best places to seek for help, riding buddies, anything related to cycling really. Although it’s name suggests only mountain bike lovers, there are a variety of road, commuters, down hillers, leisure riders, etc abundant too. Go there and share!

You got to love it when a blog on girls cycling is regularly updated. New link added! Cheers!

Sister site bikecommutinginsg is thanking me for promoting the blog hahaha. Feels good.


Guide to lock you bike in Singapore updated slightly

Crank Arm Steady is probably the No.1 Fixed Gear blog in Singapore right now, they regularly post rider profiles, rides and my favourites: videos! Most of which I made by young film makers with great talent and often “doing” their own stunts in the vids. Ride on guys!


A local mountain biker, with occasional posts, videos with an often quirky side of representing his rides.

Always inspires me to go offroad! Do give him a visit!

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