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I have heard many stories about sturdy racks being on full suspension bikes being impossible.

Is this a possible answer? It looks like a scooter really, but how efficient will it be?

It does look pretty comfy though… Seen something similar? Mail me!

Probably to keep the wild animals away from thrash, after all I have seen many discarded bikes around already. As usual work is keeping me busy, but I would like to thank sister site for linking me! Views on my blog have increased! Woot. I will work harder 🙂


Last week end I went on this “Sakura viewing ride”, it was probably the best time to ride as the Sakuras were in full bloom and every was out having “Sakura viewing parties” aka O-Hanami.I will let the pictures do the talking…

Gambette Japan! Hope the Sakuras help lighten the mood in spite of the earthquakes… Disaster after disaster…

Visited a LBS called Hillclimb , courtesy of a nice manager. he said this bike is difficult to ride…. I wonder why!


First it was this tree, suddenly white, striking in the background of bare branches and anything but green.

Than suddenly, from what I though were overgrown shrubs, an insane amount of tiny flowers erupted open. Spring has come! For a Singaporean, I could thought I would never experience the transition from Winter to Spring, oh boy does it feel magical!

Saving the best, right up till the last. Once Spring comes, the Sakuras start flowering, this apparently is just the beginning. More pink trees await!

Was climbing a hill and took a break… And when  I looked around I saw the above. An old U-lock re-purposed as a weight. Not much of a hack but it was something that caught my eye. One thing’s for sure… U-locks are heavy!

Following a fellow commuter has many advantages! I sometimes get caught in a commuter race and edge pass a fellow commuter only to be overtaken later but an experienced move on the other commuter’s part.

What good move? Like using the pavements in heavy traffic (sure you can zig zag through the traffic, but it’s really dangerous. Espeacialy with Singaporean drivers not used to cyclists on the roads), or taking an alternate “short-cut”, or a line without pot holes! All true stories! hahaha.

It’s times when I’m tired and just lag behind other commuters that i realize that most of these commuters are much more experienced than me, and they know a thing or two about the route. So the next time you see a commuter ahead of you, try following them!

But dun be stalkerish! Duh! Following others is easier, irresistible even. Provided you are following instinct, aka the opposite sex.

Last weekend I took my bike and headed for a recce ride to Hiroshima. It was supposedly 50km away and I just wanted to ride about 50 round trip so i figured halfway would be good. Since I get lost so often.

I lost I did… I was supposed to head north into a valley surrounded by mountains but instead I went west to the coast line. And oh my god. It was beautiful.

Being born and bred in Singapore you would think we are no strangers to the sea, but when all the buildings disappeared and I could see the sea, I just stood there looking out. The serenity was unparalleled , open sea, nice afternoon sun, and as far as I was concerned there were no people/ cars/boats around. Sweet. Now I’m thinking to ride my weekend away to the next town by the coastline…. The town is 100km away… 200km ride on a bike that is held together by a paper bag…. Hmmm…


edit: not sure how this post ended up as a separate page, so i’m reposting it.

Without flash

With Flash.


The 3 LEDs would probably last forever and they are charged in the day by small solar panels beside the LEDs. Lighting that is self sustainable. Cool.

Though, I wonder why did the designers choose blue… Its a bit dull, but I guess its cool 🙂 Cycling on that particular path at night is a little dangerous without these light, about 2 metres off the track is the river 🙂 And I’m guessing street lights for the path would cost too much. Practical and cost efficient!

What bike did you say you ride again?

A Kawasaki KDX260.

Can’t say I have heard of that model before, it has a 260cc engine?

It’s pistons are my legs, 🙂

What the? Just show me the bike!


weekdays = work…

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