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Check out the strobe pattern!

Looks like Prague is very much encouraging it citizens to cycle, either that or its citizens love to cycle. I can’t think of a more apt place to encourage cycling! A petrol station!

Imagine that you always drive maybe 2 km to the supermarket or coffee shop just to grab something small necessity or a cup of coffee, than you pull into the petrol station and get a rude shock at how much the price of fuel has gone up. As you pay for the gas, the counter staff notifies you that you have enough points to redeem a bicycle! How cool is that. Than you go on the redeem it and try it out! Bingo! You are addicted to cycling, it cuts cost, makes  you fitter, etc!

And everything you need to start out is at easily redeemable, no need to spend! Woo hoo!


At an unbeatable price of $75 and a ridiculous light output of a claimed 900 lumen, hopefully it won’t go wrong… Can’t wait to start using it.

I have been on the search for an Iphone tripod for a long time now. Even in Japan it was difficult to find, and when I finally did. It cost 3 times as much as the above combo. Not to mention the one sold here had a normal tripod which was something that i didn’t want, although it did also come with a zooming lens attachment!

Now I can film myself riding! wahahaha

In case anyone is interested. Click here for details.

Seems like a novel idea… Let’s see if I can get one of those bags this weekend.

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