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Initially, just wanted to go eat some black soy sauce hot & spicy large prawn noodles from my yesteryear poly days. Unfortunately, the stall is no longer there and there was a not so appetizing copycat taking its place.

Anyway, after the meal at Beauty World, I walked down the stairs to the bus stop. And, right there next to it were the KTM Tracks… I thought… Might as well go visit em.

Just before I made it to the tracks I saw this:

Seems like your everyday market bike parked by the railings… But behold! A DIY U-lock of sorts!

The owner must have lost a bike once… A thick looking cable lock, his DIY U-lock, and a chain lock at the back. Bike theft in Singapore is crazy!

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Whenever I think of my market bike which I park downstairs at the common void deck, I keep thinking about more deterrence. Whenever I do something, whether it’s changing the suspension fork to a rigid fork, or the adding a cable lock to secure the saddle it just makes my bike less attractive to the thieves…


I read, on how to secure bike parts. And one of the methods is using some solder to fill in the hole where you would normally insert a allen key to remove the bolt. According to their post, it can be expensive if you don’t have the parts. Well, as an engineering student I had the tools:

After I was done:


In case you don’t have the tools, you can also try this.

Or if you are feeling rich, this will do you good:

A special product that replaces most bolts into one that only a special key can open. No more stress about that quick release part you whole no ones notices…

Commuted down down to Promenade MRT today, took only about 30 mins. Was going really slow too, other than the burning sun. Its all good. And since there was no bike rack in sight (pretty common in town), I looked around for a railing and locked my bike promptly. Might as well take a few pictures to show my point.



Remember, inside the rear triangle!

I always tell people to place the U-lock inside the rear triangle of the bike, more specifically, slide the lock right into the rear triangle wrapping the tires than onto a railing or bike rack. Note though, if the bike rack is the hdb kind…. You will have to lock your bike horizontally, taking up many slots instead of the usual just the front or back wheel in.

For a slightly more secure lock, include the chain as well.

Why this method? If the theft would like to remove the rear wheel, the theft wouldn’t be able to do so, because obviously you have your u-lock wrapped around them. But let’s say your rear wheel is quick release, oh no! But fear not with this method the theft, even if he released the quick release wouldn’t be able to get the wheel off the bike since you locked it through the triangle.

Now why just the wheel? Let’s explore the options, suppose your u-lock is unbreakable (the toughest there is), the other way to get your bike is the cut the frame. But what is a bicycle without the frame? The wheels than, the theft will cut that! But hold on, how to you cut tires? Tough rubber that were designed to withstand cuts from glass or worse! Some tires even have wire bead or kelvar in them, it would certainly be a ridiculous chore to cut through those! And after the tires? The rims! being almost solid metal cutting thought would need a power tool or equivalent and once you do actually cut through the rims, the tensions in the spokes will be released violently probably poking the theft in his eye seriously injuring him.

Well go on then, lock your bike well 🙂

Btw, that is my new tri-athlon bike! Sweeet, haven’t got much chance to ride it though.

From the uploader:

This guy came into our house and attempted to steal my racing bike.
My wife screamed at him as he tried to steal the bike, and told him to go away!.

I chased after him on foot but lost sight of him. I continued the search for him in my car, and found him a few minutes later on the other side of our estate. Then I saw him break into another house and this time he stole a bike.

I followed him as he made his getaway, and then after running him off the road I chased him barefoot in only my shorts for 2 kilometers across 8 lanes of Jalan Eunos, across 3 PIE slips roads.

Meantime he picked up a large rock and with a wild agressive face threw the rock at me, so I picked up a bigger one and threw it back at him, the difference is that his rock missed me, and my rock hit him.

Finally, exhausted, he stopped running and I made a citizens arrest at Block 311 Ubi avenue 1 HDB block. I made him sit on the floor and ordered him to remove his shoes to stop him running away until the police arrived..

Police arrive 5 mins later and arrested him.

What a day!!!


Seriously, I salute you uncle! Ang moh a bit different ah. But I please don’t go around running people off their bikes.

In another note, It seems you really have to drive so close to know someone down. when you are in the driver’s perspective. So when you are cycling, cars that pass by you so close, don’t really feel close to the driver at all. The difference in perspective…

As a follow up to “Japan : Fixed gear crazy?” Well, let the pictures do the talking.

Sorry for the blur, walking a taking pictures in a crowed street avoids traffic build up. hahah excuses!

Damn, is that a chrome/silver seat?

More on Chrome! So shiny! I mistaken the top tube as the railing at first glance!

Probably the best lock-up I have seen in the whole of Japan. Front wheel and frame locked using a bike-locking kiosk and the rear amour-ed cable lock through the rear triangle, frame and chain. A (A stronger U-lock or beefy chain will get the lock-up a distinction)

What a rare gem! Locked at Shibuya. Looks so sleek!

Somehow I find this familiar, maybe I saw it on FGGT… what looks like 26″ MTB fixed, horizontal dropout frame and front only discibrakes.

I’m lovin’ the front balloon tire as well!

And stumbled onto a fixed gear gathering, outside a tiny weeny bike shop. Love the hip B/W big picture above the shop. Lucky find!

This is how I lock my saddle, at first it was due to fears of my market bike have a quick release system. Now it’s just for deterrence. It’s some cheap cable lock i got for free. It’s on the long side so I had to wind it around my seat post a few times. When I had quick release I wound it up pretty tight. Such that if anyone tries to release the QR, the seatpost will slide in towards the frame due to the tension. Making it impossible to pull out. Overkill really.

This is a much cheaper way to secure your saddle, get an old chain. You probably have a chain breaker if your are a hardcore cyclist. If not go to a bike shop and ask a favour or pay a small fee to get it done. Nice bike shops will give you an old chain free, but try getting one that isn’t rusty and clean it up!

Or you could simply wrap it in a old tube, or sew up some rags/cloth to cover the chain. Variations on the path the chain takes it totally at your disposal.

It can really give a slick looks, since you can control the length and alter the material used to cover the chain.

That cable you bought together with your ulock is fine too, just lock it through the saddle rails.

Or if you have a spare U lock… The saddle is a Brooks btw… Premium stuff.

Or just lock it together with your beefy chain my letting the padlock go through one of the saddle rails! Brooks saddle again.

Certain pictures have been taken from here : bikesnobnyc

Bikehacks posted this:

I was always thinking if I had a longer padlock like that will it actually do the job of securing a wheel? Well, it definitely more hardly than a cheap cable lock! How about some shorter and than maybe just lock the rear wheel with the part of the frame nearest the front dee, albeit just slight on top.

Know what I mean? Damn, some bike shop should sponsor me to keep coming up with ideas to deter thieves.

Sister site bikecommutinginsg is thanking me for promoting the blog hahaha. Feels good.


Guide to lock you bike in Singapore updated slightly

Was climbing a hill and took a break… And when  I looked around I saw the above. An old U-lock re-purposed as a weight. Not much of a hack but it was something that caught my eye. One thing’s for sure… U-locks are heavy!

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