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Was changing my commuter’s tires and when I pumped up the the tube with the other set of tires, air was leaking pretty bad! How unlucky! I felt the underside of the current tires but nothing was found… Searched the old tire and found a nasty looking torn:

Apparently, this torn had already penetrated the tube. but because it was such a snag fit no air was leaking previously! Until I pulled out the tire, the torn dislodged itself against the tube. Strong tires or strong tubes? Anyway with no spare tube insight, I decided to leave my bike like this:


And I went home to patch the tube and fix it out the next day, cheers.

As a follow up to “Japan : Fixed gear crazy?” Well, let the pictures do the talking.

Sorry for the blur, walking a taking pictures in a crowed street avoids traffic build up. hahah excuses!

Damn, is that a chrome/silver seat?

More on Chrome! So shiny! I mistaken the top tube as the railing at first glance!

Probably the best lock-up I have seen in the whole of Japan. Front wheel and frame locked using a bike-locking kiosk and the rear amour-ed cable lock through the rear triangle, frame and chain. A (A stronger U-lock or beefy chain will get the lock-up a distinction)

What a rare gem! Locked at Shibuya. Looks so sleek!

Somehow I find this familiar, maybe I saw it on FGGT… what looks like 26″ MTB fixed, horizontal dropout frame and front only discibrakes.

I’m lovin’ the front balloon tire as well!

And stumbled onto a fixed gear gathering, outside a tiny weeny bike shop. Love the hip B/W big picture above the shop. Lucky find!

Taken in Tokyo… There is just something retro, chic slightly hipsterish about bicycles… You see them in designer shops… Restaurants, furniture shops, fashion, hardware shops! Everywhere!

So what is it about bicycles? Their simplicity? Their long history? Or simply because the owner likes to ride bikes? Whatever it is, I’m glad they decided to use it as a decoration instead anything else!

Taken at Fukuoka, part of a window display of a shop selling apparel.

(Picture, taken at Tokyo, Ginza edited with focal B&w, almost definitely ridden by a couple in love <3)

It often spurs me on to do my commutes when I hear how others have it much harder, how they cope, their tips and tricks, and basically everything they say since most of it can be related to my own experiences. One of the best places to hear from others are forums, such as SMBF!

But I’m going to post a link from today since I seldom go there. Reading the thread was refreshing! Here

What looks like a brand new Giant Anthem in Tokyo, near Akihabara. Talk about a ultimate urban warrior!

Secured with just a cable lock around the frame (near seat stay), imagine being able to ride your favourite bike for commutes! All you need to worry is too many people might stop and admire your bike! Wahaha. That said, even if I were a resident in Tokyo., I would buy a really good lock for such a sweet ride!

If there is one thing that I like about things on a bike than new bling blings, expensive parts, carbon, DIY bike hikes, etc. Is… Is… Well.

Girls. Especially when they are local and helping to promote sports in Singapore! Cheers Ziyi! Visit her blog here.

Can’t get enough of the fairer sex?

Thank me later 🙂

I always thought have a kick stand is a serious form of useless weight. Why the extra weight? How often do you really want to the bike to be standing? Just rest it on the floor i say!

Of course unless peer pressure starts building up…

Oopss, all of a sudden I am a space hogger.

As a consolation when I arrived early in the morning my bike was the only one there. My college asked me if I knew my bike was flat on the ground. Lol.

What you are look at is a basket. Not your typical market bike metal wire basket… But a hand woven, hand engraved leather pouch that engulfs the frame to become a designer carrier for your groceries. I didn’t bother to check the price, since I wouldn’t be a able to afford such luxuries!

I think they were doing a practice Tour de Singapore… And I was riding my mountain bike at the time… Aww…

I have heard many stories about sturdy racks being on full suspension bikes being impossible.

Is this a possible answer? It looks like a scooter really, but how efficient will it be?

It does look pretty comfy though… Seen something similar? Mail me!

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